Features Of Hydrostatic Testing Pump

In some industrial circles they are calling this pump the old faithful. That would have to be a story for another day perhaps. It could be quite interesting and nostalgic, tracing the original development of this here hydrostatic test pump. For the time being though, this short article focuses on its primary features.

hydrostatic test pump

Perhaps the reason why it is referred to by those handling the device as the ‘old faithful’ has something to do with the fact that it is dependable. It is also long lasting. It provides its users with their reliable testing of newly laid down or just repaired water mains and sewer force mains. The pumps have specifically been designed for long term performance rates.

Those new to the testing device and really interested in learning more benefit immensely once the have downloaded the document that says it all. This is a brochure that will highlight the hydrostatic test pumps main features. But it will also run through the pump’s main specifications. If this is too much for the eye at this point in time, you can always have a look at video demonstration of how the device works in the meantime.

And then perhaps you may feel compelled or convinced to place a purchase order. The pump can handle up to ten percent of chlorine solutions, bearing in mind that chlorinated water within a water main remains necessary for purification purposes. The manufacturers of this testing pump are only utilizing diaphragms and seals that have been rated to manage chlorine exposures of no more than ten percent.

That is still volume when you think about it. The engineered design has produced a manifold system that reduces the amount of fittings that would normally go into the plumbing works of standard testing pumps.

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